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We offer innovative solutions in fields of personnel recruitment, selection of both, long and short-term personnel. Moreover, we provide various HR/payroll services.

Our mission is to provide modern recruitment tools so you can grow your business even further with our solutions.

Furthermore, our core value is helping as many employees as we can find proper workplace.

All of our goals and deep involvement are depicted by the sign “24” meaning our constant desire to work on finding better solutions for your business.

What makes us different?

  • we are available 24/7
  • full package of legal services
  • monitoring employees’ progress.
  • 10-day warranty for all of our services
  • we provide dedicated project manager to every package of services

What will you get?

  • ower cost of employment
  • quick and professional personnel recruitment so you can rest assured that all of your work positions will be constantly filled
  • transparent calculations- you will have everything on one invoice
  • more time so you can concentrate on the most important goals of your
  • security and comfort as you do not have to focus on HR/payroll tasks

Our Expertise

We seek, inspire and open new lands of possibilities for employees from a number of different markets in the world in order to provide adequate personnel for your business!!!

Our merits

We guarantee quality and security

Specialists from Belarus, Ukraine and Bangladesh

You are secured legally

We work 24/7

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INFOLINIA: 22 299 24 44

e-mail: biuro@jober24.com

e-mail: office@jober24.com

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